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The Central Texas Arabian Horse Association (CTAHA) is a local chapter of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA). AHA is the official Arabian horse breed association and registry in the U.S. and Canada, with 16,600 members and more than 1 million registered Arabian, Half-Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian horses. 

CTAHA embraces AHA's aim of:

  • Seeking to promote growth in the interest and demand for the Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse

  • Preserving the integrity of the breed

  • Increasing participation in activities involving the breed

  • Gaining recognition by the equine industry and general public about the value and attributes of Arabians

  • Ensuring that services and benefits are valuable and convenient for AHA and CTAHA members

2024 Board of Directors

President: Lori Ragland

Vice President: Linda McCreight

Secretary: Peggy Cuevas

Treasurer: Patty Liarakos

Board Members: Alice Ann Freeman, Dianna Wolfe, Jenn McLain De Jong, Terry Cooley-Fitzpatrick

Our Mission

To promote and celebrate the Arabian horse in Central Texas by collaborating and partnering with breeders, trainers, owners, and other breed organizations.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision the growth of the Arabian breed recognition through education about the history and versatility of Arabians, increasing youth involved with Arabians, and continuously providing opportunities for the public to interact with Arabians.

Join us today!

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